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When search for web hosting plan, we often see the web hosting companies are now offering unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth. Top hosts are now offering this remarkable feature and giving all-you-need disk storage and bandwidth transfer for your websites hosting. They are no longer selling web hosting plan restricted by storage size or bandwidth limits. Since these things are getting cheaper and more affordable, they are taken out from the equation. With cheaper server hardware, they are able to give more storage bandwidth to their customer and this also allows them to offer unlimited web hosting plan!

What is unlimited hosting plan referred to? There are three things to look for when choosing unlimited hosting plan

  1. Unlimited storage space
    All your websites can use as many storage space it require to operate normally. If your website files require 10GB to works, that is the amount you can use. However the TOS usually prevent user from using the storage space for massive file backup or media files that are not require by website to function normally.
  2. Unlimited bandwidth
    All your websites can have as many traffic and bandwidth usage as it require. If your website is getting a traffic surge and requires hundred of GB in data transfer each month, this is permitted as well. The web hosting TOS are restricting the server CPU usage and this might come into the way of hosting busy website. Optimizing website size and reducing its PHP load or using server cache can dramatically reduce server load and allows higher traffic website to be hosted.
  3. Unlimited domain hosting
    Host multiple websites and additional websites when you need it. There is no limit on number of websites to be hosted. Webmaster can choose to host multiple websites, add new website or remove unwanted domain from their web hosting account.

With all these three unlimited features in place, it makes the best unlimited web hosting plan. However, not all web hosting company are equal when come to unlimited web hosting. For example they can limit the number of files hosted which is referred by inodes limits. And there is storage space website can use and the some web hosts are giving unmetered bandwidth usage.

Besides choosing the web host offers the best features and the most unlimited features, we also choose web host that give the best price and the best quality. For example, Fatcow unlimited web hosting plan that we have been hosted for years are one of the best unlimited plan. Their web hosting price is near $3 dollars price range and includes all unlimited storage bandwidth for customer websites. Users can use all resources they require, we never encounter server resource over usage or similar errors over the last four years hosting with them. On top of that, we are adding new domain into this Fatcow unlimited hosting plan too. This plan includes free control panel and free domain name, and lots of free marketing credits. All these add up into a near perfect unlimited web hosting plan.

Looking for the best unlimited web hosting plan? web hosting is our best recommendation here!

There are hundreds of web hosting companies and they are offering a huge variety of web hosting packages. And they have shared hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting plan to choose from right now. How to identify the right web hosting company and choose the right web hosting plan to signup with? Its a time consuming process, and require some skill to identify the right web hosting plan that you need. It takes experience, the more you host online, the more you learn and experience and the more you know. We have hosting online for more than 4 years, and we have hosting with more than 30 hosting companies, and we really know their different and we know who the best is.

Fatcow unlimited domain hosting plan

Is there one web hosting plan for your entire web hosting need? If you are asking about website publishing and bringing your websites online, this answer is a YES. Except you are looking for expert solution that requires specific servers for your specific business need, then you will require a VPS plan or a dedicated server plan, or a cloud hosting is you demand the best uptime performance.

There is web hosting company that focus on one single web hosting plan, and offering all you need to publish websites online. For example we have Fatcow, iPage, Bluehost and Hostmonster web hosting company. These are the few hosting company that focused on only one web hosting plan, a general web hosting plan that everyone can use and all they require. web hosting services is all-inclusive web hosting plan that come with unlimited storage space and bandwidth and unlimited addon domains. Hosting multiple websites, few blog, forum sites, directory, gallery and company websites with CMS software, and many other sites that you need…. all inside one FatCow web hosting plan.

Following are type of websites that you can host in one Fatcow hosting account:

  • Blogging websites with WordPress, Nucleus, B2evolution, Textpattern, Geeklog.
  • Business website with Joomla, Drupal, E107, Mambo, Xoops, PHP-Nuke, Ocportal.
  • E-commerce shopping cart with OScommerce, Zen Cart, Shopsite, Agora Cart, Tomato Cart, OpenCart.
  • Forums websites with phpBB, SMF, bbPress, punBB, Vanilla forum.
  • Photo galleries with Coppermine, Gallery, Zen Photo, Pixelpost.
  • Social network websites with Pligg, Buddypress.
  • Wiki websites with Mediawiki, Wakkawiki, PMwiki, Dokuwiki.
  • And many other PHP websites.

Why not having 3 or 5 web hosting plans for users to choose? Fact is that, these web hosting company always give you far less features in basic plan, its a promotion thing rather than product thing, and you will require to upgrade to higher plan in short time. Either you are require to host more website, or require more storage space or other resource usage requirement. There will be lack of features in basic plan that one day forced you to upgrade to higher plan that is far more expensive, and no longer budget in price.

This is why always sticks to one web hosting plan and selling one solution to everyone. By generalizing the web hosting plan, they reduce the technical work at minimum. Easier for support team to perform their work, and easier to manage the similar servers, and result in less wastage in human resource management and further reduce the expenses at hosting company end. This is mass production and service generalization, and this is great news for customers!

For your entire websites hosting requirement, FatCow web hosting plan $3.15 per month is all you need. More from our FatCow Reviews site, all you need to know about is here!

Some PHP scripts require certain server module to be installed and made available before you can execute the php codes. One of the most useful PHP modules is the cURL which allows you to access to the http request, server information, initiate email sending and much more. And if you are using PEARL language for your website, you will need web hosting that provide net_cURL that interface with your PHP cURL server module, which later allow your pearl code to execute the PHP cURL feature at the end.

If these are the module that you need and can’t live without, double check on your next web hosting plan, email to the support team to make sure they have the cURL or net_curl feature provided in their web hosting plan. Off course, some friendly web host allow you to request for those features, and they will install it at server for you at no cost.

Well, if you really need a good shared web hosting, we recommending Fatcow hosting here. It is with net_cURL pearl module and its a green hosting company too. Choose to host your website with Fatcow green hosting!

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