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This is exactly what we experiencing now, tons of blog spam comments has bypass the latest Akismet 2.4.0. Before this, thousand of spam posting won’t go through the stealth check, thousand of spam blocked every month, thanks to the superior Akismet. What happen now? We are getting tons of spam comments reaching our emails right now. What caused this? It can be caused by failure in our website as well.

Next, investigate the source of problem. Login WordPress and check on Akismet plugin and setting configuration. Yes, there is some problem to connect to Akismet server, which cause all this.

The key below was previously validated but a connection to can not be established at this time. Please check your server configuration.

We run the Akismet check network server status once again, and we get the error.

Unable to reach any Akismet servers.

Contact web hosting support team and hope to resolve this problem. Get informed that they are updating the router and switches, and involve outgoing port connection. The connection Akismet haven’t been restored, and problem will resolved when they do so!

Meantime, to stop hundreds of comment notification from reaching our email, we have to disable WordPress comments notification. Here is how to disable WordPress comment notification:

  1. Login WordPress and go to settings.
  2. Discussion settings.
  3. Uncheck E-mail me whenever anyone posts a comment.

There you go, no more email notification whenever someone make a comment post, save your day doesn’t it! Enable it back after connection to Akismet server has been restored, and continue to be notify when someone post a comment in your blog.

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5 Responses to “What to do when WordPress Akismet failed & Tons of spam comments flooding in!”

  1. Nixon Says:

    you can add captcha verification to your blog, large blogs oftenly have this

  2. Fatcow Review Says:

    captcha can be solution, but the side effect is that it will decrease the number of user comments. People are not willing to spend effort to read the captcha

  3. Fatcow Review Says:

    off course, web hosting server should enable the connection to akismet server by default. Fatcow was updating their router and caused the temporary problem, and once they are done with it, akismet is now able to connect to their spam check server and the problem fixed.

  4. kate36 Says:

    This is exactly what we experiencing now, tons of blog spam comments has bypass the latest akismet 2.4.0. Before this, thousand of spam posting won

  5. Tim Says:

    Last month my blog was full of spam! This month my blog looks like a new one, there is no spam , it’s really good moderated and i have installed the captcha code which was the key for this problem.

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