How fast is Fatcow web hosting plan? Is this web hosting plan works?
A fast web hosting service is a great web hosting service, a slow web hosting service is a bad web hosting service. And we only choose the top web host that give the best uptime and speed. A slow web hosting plan is totally out from our list. Here is one of the top web hosts that we want to recommend.

Here is the first website speed test on the homepage

Time to Connect: 0.045559 second
Total Loading Time: 0.269162 second
Website Size: 32.35 KB
Tested by

Next, we test the deeper page and here we check on the inner blog post.

Time to Connect: 0.03459 second
Total Loading Time: 1.375475 second
Website Size: 27.60 KB
Tested by

This Fatcow web hosting review is a Fatcow hosted website, and so we can use it for website speed test. By performing website loading time check on this website, we know roughly how good is their customer account and server performance.

Here is the speed test analysis for Fatcow hosting for the first month of 2011. This time, we are testing the server using a newly developed speed checker tool. It’s more complete and more accurate. It shows the connection time and the total loading time for the website, and the website size is calculated too. [...]

Fatcow speed test & review for 2010

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End of this June, we are testing the Fatcow hosting account once more. We have the service uptime statistic with us, its good statistic for this month. And we are here to test the server response time and performance figure. We run few speed tests on the Fatcow server that hosted this website, and following [...]

How to make website loading faster than before? First of all, if you are having a slow web hosting plan, get it change today, you will need a decent web hosting services before you tweak the script itself. After the new and faster web hosting services is up running, its time to tweak the webpage [...]