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Through our Fatcow review blog here, we had been endless time advising people to choose shared web hosting that only offering unlimited MySQL database. It’s a necessary web hosting feature to have. Shared web hosting is commonly found with unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth now. Many more shared web hosting are now with unlimited domain hosting, host as many unique websites as you like. And later is the unlimited MySQL database. Not all shared web hosting are with unlimited MySQL database, some hosting are limiting to less than 100 MySQL database, make sure you double checked on this and get a shared hosting that allows you to create unlimited MySQL database as well. Here are the most popular unlimited features provided by Fatcow:

  • Unlimited web storage space
  • Unlimited bandwidth transfer
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Unlimited MySQL database
  • Unlimited e-mail mailbox

Hosting with total freedom! Host as many websites as you like, add as many websites as you require, and without limitation by the MySQL database that you can create. This is the main reason shared web hosting are now offering unlimited MySQL database feature together with unlimited domain hosting. You get to host more database driven websites in one web hosting account.

Shared web hosting is getting cheaper, and it’s commonly price below $4 dollars per month. For this price, make sure you get the shared web hosting with unlimited database feature all together. Fatcow hosting for example are offering unlimited hosting feature and this including unlimited MySQL database creation as well. This Fatcow database is using the more reliable localhost database server setup which guarantees the best connectivity to database server. This also results in faster database response time as well.

Fatcow MySQL database version & info

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Your Fatcow hosting plan is with unlimited MySQL database, did you know that? If you check the Fatcow hosting specification once again, under MySQL database you will find its marked Unlimited. Create and add new MySQL database as you needed, regardless how many MySQL database you require. By this, you can host as many database driven websites in your Fatcow hosting plan. Hosting 10 or 100 WordPress blogs is no problem with Fatcow MySQL database. Once again, here is the database feature provided by Fatcow web hosting

Fatcow database features

  • Unlimited MySQL database
  • MySQL database manager
  • phpMyAdmin for database management

As currently, Fatcow database version is as following. Fatcow upgrade their MySQL database time-to-time, and its not the first time they upgraded the database software version. Here is the current Fatcow MySQL version.

  • Fatcow MySQL Database Version: 5.0.91
  • Fatcow phpMyAdmin Version

With this latest version 5 MySQL database, it support all the latest PHP software including the WordPress version 3.2 and above. If you are running open source software like WordPress, double check their installation requirements. Most of the today CMS software requires the latest version 5 MySQL in order to work. And for this reason, you will need a web hosting plan that provides you MySQL version 5 and not version 4.9 or older. This will caused installation failure and your website will not be able to run. There is no way around it. Choosing the wrong web hosting plan is the biggest mistake to make. And we are sure this Fatcow hosting is providing the latest MySQL version 5 and the PHP version 5 too, that will be all you need.

Q: How to create or add new MySQL database?
Login to Fatcow vDeck control panel and go to Database. From here, add new MySQL database and create a new username password. The connection to the new MySQL database is using LOCALHOST.

Q: Does Fatcow database allow remote connection and access?
Yes. We can remotely connect to Fatcow database server. Instead of using localhost server location, we are using the domain location, for our case we are using This allows our remote website to connect to this Fatcow database and perform SQL query from remote location.

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Fatcow MySQL database goes unlimited

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With the new Fatcow hosting plan, you are getting unlimited storage space and bandwidth transfer, also unlimited MySQL database as well. All these are the new Fatcow hosting features and including free domain name. Unlimited database feature allow you to host multiple database driven websites. Some web hosts limiting the MySQL database that you can create or limiting the size of MySQL database that you can use, those are not the recommended web hosts. Choose the web hosting company that give you the most in MySQL database feature and allow you to host large database. WordPress blog might be small and take a few Megabytes of MySQL database, but phpBB forum can easily grow to hundred of Megabytes in a year. If you are hosing with limited database, that will be some serious issue in the future.

If you want a budget web hosting plan that gives you the most in MySQL database feature, choose Fatcow web hosting! Fatcow is with load balanced technology that optimized the server performance and speed, and this also includes their database performance. And this Fatcow web hosting plan is with the most in storage space, bandwidth, and database usage.

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