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Fatcow hosting for Joomla CMS website

Last Update: January 27th, 2013 2 Comments »

Fatcow is one of the best budget Joomla CMS hosting plan out there, with unlimited addon domain hosting and supporting the latest Joomal websites. This professional web hosting plan is using vDeck control panel and unlimited hosting features, with good technical support team and reliable hosting server with good service uptime. This making fatcow hosting one of the best CMS web hosting package available today! In here, we have tested Joomla website installation and here is our review.

From Fatcow control panel login > Simplescripts > Joomla, the Joomla website installer look like this

Fatcow Joomla installation

Fatcow hosting is compatible and fully support the popular Joomla content management script. From Fatcow vDeck installer you will find the the latest Joomla version and ready for quick installation. We had tested to setup Joomla script at our own Fatcow hosting plan and setup the site in subdirectory.  A demo Joomla site had been setup and testing in more details; we manage to edit the homepage, add in voting section, newsflash, and contact page to our  simple Joomla demo site.

Conclusion is this, Fatcow website is fully supporting and compatible for Joomla Content Management System! It’s great to find a cheap web hosting plan that is reliable and supporting the famous Joomla CMS websites!

Fatcow hosting for Drupal hosting

Last Update: January 27th, 2013 No Comments »

Previously, we reviewing Fatcow hosting for Joomla web hosting and we managed to setup Joomla CMS website at their shared web hosting plan. There are few other famous CMS scripts like Drupal and Mambo content management script. This review, we will test the Drupal scripts installation and demo test run at Fatcow web hosting.

Fatcow vDeck Simplescripts is equipped with much more CMS open-source apps and this including Joomla, Drupal and Mambo. Besides the provided list, you can perform manual installation by uploading the scripts to FTP server and perform installation via web browser. The whole FTP uploading process is quick, although Fatcow FTP connection are limited to 4 connection simultaneously. For the most common CMS apps, choose to use their Simplescripts to setup the site, this will take only a few seconds. This is how the installer looks like in our account

Fatcow Drupal CMS installer

Use this one-click installer to setup Drupal or any other CMS websites instantly. Once the script has been setup, we are next to add content to the new Drupal web site. Uploaded theme to test the compatibility and configure some plugin module to check its flexibility. Our testing are simple but comprehensive.

Drupal is very easy to use, its a complete website framework. You only need to login to Drupal admin site to manage your website content. Adding new webpage, update website content, add in member login section, user retrieving lost password, choosing new website design, posting more and more web content from time to time. These are the few things that you can do with your Drupal web site.

Our Fatcow Drupal website is running great. We can see the Fatcow hosting server is quick in loading the Drupal webpages and the site are working perfectly well.

Fatcow web hosting for CMS website hosting
We have completed the installation and review for the top 3 most famous CMS website at Fatcow hosting. We have real website setup with Fatcow hosting, and installation is done via Fatcow Installcentral installer. CMS websites setup at Fatcow hosting plan is easy and convenient, there is no different from cPanel fantastico installer can do. Fatcow web hosting now with Simplescript installer is quick and easy for CMS website hosting. They provide nine different CMS portal for free installation, and this including the Joomla, Drupal, and Mambo off-course.

We prefer web hosting because of their great web hosting services at great price. Fatcow web hosting is the unlimited web hosting plan and they are 100% green and uses community energy for their data centre. And this Fatcow hosting plan is offering with unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth transfer per month, use as you need and you get all you need right here. This amazing web hosting plan is with live chat support and excellent customer service, and very good service uptime too. This is the best web hosting plan money can buy. All these are the advantages of Fatcow web hosting, and reason why we choose to host with them too!

Fatcow shared hosting is with Simple Scripts installer, and here are the few CMS scripts available in this installer tool

Fatcow CMS scripts plugin

Fatcow promo price is now cheaper than the previous $3.67/mo. This September, Fatcow is available at $3.15 per month flat price. For sure, this green web hosting plan price at $3 dollars per month and this is one great bargain. Great web server uptime and secure hosting server yet another advantage with Fatcow hosting. Our Fatcow uptime recorded also proof this. See the uptime statistic for further details.

Joomla, Drupal, Mambo CMS website installation at Fatcow web hosting
Fatcow hosting is with vDeck 4, one of the best website control panel – Easy to use, reliable and stable, and provides with all the tools you ever need. Right now, Fatcow Simple Scripts installer provides more than 80 types of website for you to install, and this include 9 CMS website portal as following:

  1. Joomla
  2. Drupal
  3. Mambo
  4. ocPortal
  5. MODx
  6. e107
  7. XOOPS
  8. PHP-Nuke
  9. phpWCMS

All these nine CMS software includes their quick installer, and you can quickly install them in your Fatcow domain name and host the website here. We have tested the following three most popular CMS website installation, including the Joomla installation as following

Then we have Drupal installation and the installer is easy as 1-2-3 and its done. Choose the domain name and location to setup the Drupal CMS and complete the portal setup. It setup all the software, database and setting for you. Once done you get the complete website with administration page for you to configure your Drupal portal.

And finally, we tested this Mambo open source content management website and the installation is quick and simple too. Mambo had discontinued CMS software and we are not recommending this installation. Choose either Drupal or Joomla as they are more popular and continue to growth as the best CMS websites.

Fatcow Joomla, Drupal, Mambo CMS hosting is no problem at all. We also find this Fatcow hosting is able to run e107 CMS website too. You can have WordPress blog website running, e-commerce shopping site running at another addon domain, and few other CMS websites running at another domains. We have tested these, and its performing great with Fatcow green hosting!

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