It would be great if we can get the same thing at half of the price or just one third of the price. Things are not always that great sometime, especially when it come to shopping for your next web hosting plan. Web hosting company often set a regular price for their web hosting services, you get more for signup longer hosting term, and you get discount with their web hosting coupon code if available too.

What is the best Hostgator discount price?
This is what you can expect from most top web hosting companies too, it’s a common sales marketing campaign after all. For example in Hostgator hosting, you get cheaper price by choosing 3 years hosting plan at signup, and you get 25% discount when you activate the Hostgator coupon code provided. But wait, how to get even cheaper price that the offer price?

What is the best Fatcow discount price?
Try your luck by visiting web hosting review & coupon website, website like this one for example. For instant, Fatcow regular price is $5 dollars per month, but with out Fatcow discount link you can get the same hosting plan for $3.15 per month only. Plus, for some promotion period you can even get it at $2.95 per month only.

Lets start our Fatcow vs Hostgator Reviews
Before you shop for one web hosting plan, make sure you compare it with other web hosting plan from other web hosting company. For the same web hosting package in term of features, you can get it from price $7 dollars to $3 dollars, which web hosting you choose at the end decide what price you going to pay.

In term of web hosting features comparison, here is what Fatcow offering

  1. Uses vDeck control panel with Simplescripts installer
  2. Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
  3. Unlimited domains hosting
  4. Discount price ranging from $2.95 to $3.15
  5. Quality rating from us: 9.9 out of 10

In comparison, here is what Hostgator offering

  1. Uses cPanel control panel with QuickInstall installer
  2. Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
  3. Unlimited domains hosting available in Hostgator Baby plan that priced at $7.95/mo. Basic plan only allow single website hosting and price is $4.95/mo
  4. Discount price ranging from $4.95 to $7.95
  5. Quality rating from us: 9.9 out of 10

If you are having budget in mind, really small budget, Fatcow web hosting plan would be the best web hosting deals for you. It is just one third of the price you pay for Hostgator unlimited domain hosting plan $7.95/mo. Still comparing Fatcow Hostgator? See the price first!

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From our 3 years web hosting experience using these two web hosting companies, we prefer the Fatcow web hosting. Fatcow hosting selling at $3.15/mo is much better. With the latest vDeck 4.0 control panel, with more feature compare to cPanel, with integrated Google webmaster tools, and SEO tools, make the Fatcow vDeck control panel one [...]

Become switching over to a new web hosing, buyer should compare one hosting with another and try to find the best web hosting plan for their websites. Find some web hosting comparison review online, read editor reviews and view comparison test. At here, we provide Fatcow hosting review and some other web hosts comparison test [...]

Fatcow hosting is running vDeck control panel, while Inmotion hosting is running cPanel. Comparing vDeck hosting with cPanel hosting is always difficult, and always a personal preference. If you prefer cPanel hosting, and have experience with cPanel hosting, then stick with cPanel web hosting. Unless your cPanel hosting is rather expensive, and this is what [...]

Fatcow vs. Ipage hosting, two identical web hosting plans and which one to choose? Would you choose Fatcow over iPage hosting? WHY? We like to look into this interesting topic, and hope to find the answer. We have hosting account with Fatcow & iPage hosting, testing and reviewing these web hosting services via our web [...]

Fatcow vs. Justhost

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Don’t know which one to choose? Either Fatcow or Justhost? Choosing between Fatcow Justhost is very difficult. Even we have experience using these two web hosting company, sometime we are difficult to choose which host to use. Fatcow hosting is green web hosting and JustHost is a regular cPanel hosting. We are giving more vote [...]

Do you know that from Fatcow hosting website, you can find following web hosting comparison chart that’s shows how good is Fatcow hosting compared with the few top web hosting including 1&1 hosting, yahoo hosting, and Godaddy hosting. First off all, Fatcow hosting are with unlimited storage, unlimited transfer, unlimited email, ecommerce ready, 24/7 phone [...]

It has been more than 2 years reviewing Fatcow and Bluehost hosting. Not to mention, Fatcow hosting is one of the fastest growing web hosting company in our list, and had been selected as the most recommended web hosting plan. Bluehost hosting is not far behind in this competitor, and it does excel in certain [...]

In a quick review, we found out Fatcow is 90% similar to IPower web hosting. They have the very similar shared hosting plan and selling at nearly the same price too. Here are the similarity of Fatcow and IPower They are using vDeck control panel They are using Simplescripts installer They are offering unlimited shared [...]