Have you ever use both vDeck & cPanel control panels? There are many web hosts that selecting vDeck and cPanel as their favorite website control panel. For the same reasons, everyone have their own choice, and choose their website control panel. Each control panel have their group of users and they are very passionate with it. Switching from one control panel to another can be a huge decision to make, and some website owners are scared to make the migration. Why is that?

Here are few of the most popular web hosting control panel and being used by shared web hosting plans:

  1. cPanel control panel
  2. vDeck control panel
  3. H-sphere control panel
  4. Parallel control panel

We encounter cPanel first before anything else, we love it and at the time know this control panel is sufficient and provides all the necessary features. Not until we found other control panel especially vDeck control panel. This is one great website control panel that is capable of defeating anything else. They have the most features, the most tools and configuration, and the best user interface. And its easier to use too, with their latest icon-driven web interface makes it the easiest web control panel to use.

With the latest vDeck 4.0, its more impressive, its more clearly stated that this website control panel is more user friendly, interesting to use, its not boring at all, and its packed with all the features that you need, and its come with free tools and features that you will find useful for your website.

Migrating from cPanel to vDeck is simple and trouble free. Take Fatcow web hosting with vDeck for example, once setup a new hosting account with them and either choose to transfer domain name or not. Next thing to do is migrate your web files and database, first thing is to export it from your cPanel to your local computer and the FTP upload to Fatcow hosting server. All these only take a few minutes to complete. Terminate the previous cPanel hosting plan and get a refund, and now you are fully migrated to Fatcow vDeck web hosting. Simple as 1-2-3!

That’s why we love both vDeck and cPanel, and we aren’t passionate to just one of them. Both served their purposes, its up to the web host to offer better web hosting services for comparison. Either vDeck or cPanel works for us. If you are still stick to one control panel, its time to give them a little test run, experience it yourself, and find back what you already missing.

If you are not sure how cPanel look like, here are the screenshot we taken fro our Bluehost cPanel hosting account. They offers one of the best cPanel web hosting plan and their cPanel control panel is with lots more features and integration. Here is how the Bluehost web hosting looks like.

vDeck is already improving the version 4.0, and its one of our favorite web hosting control panel. You can visit Fatcow hosting for their vDeck hosting plan and Fatcow control panel is using the latest vDeck version. And Fatcow control panel login is accessible from Fatcow homepage. Here is where to login your Fatcow hosting account. Beside, they also provide Fatcow control panel demo and you can take a tour on their features from here too.

Fatcow vDeck control panel is now with the new feature, video walk-through that introduce you to the new vDeck 4.0 control panel, its special features and tools that you can use to properly manage your web hosting account. The new vDeck control panel is more advanced compare with previous version, and compare to cPanel control [...]

Fatcow web hosting is now with a new control panel at beta version. You can switch to the latest vDeck 4 and experience yourself the new web hosting excitement. It’s interesting and refreshing, that’s the impression we have for the new vDeck control panel. Compare this version with the previous vDeck, this version is more [...]

Although FrontPage is no longer supported, FrontPage extension is still found at most PHP web hosting. You can visit the few top web hosting company, including Fatcow hosting, and find out their web hosting specification is still including FrontPage extension and supporting FrontPage created website. You can use FrontPage software to edit and create website, [...]

Fatcow .htaccess override

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.htaccess override is getting more common today and many PHP scripts can take advantage from the .htaccess added feature like permalink and URL redirecting. You can use the .htaccess file to create password protect folder as well and many more. Fatcow hosting plan with load-balancing is another web hosting plan that allows .htaccess override available. [...]

Fatcow control panel demo

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After you signup with Fatcow web hosting, you will gain access to your account and control panel. Their hosting is using vDeck control panel and not cPanel control panel. How to login to Fatcow control panel? To access the Fatcow control panel, you can visit the Fatcow homepage, and at the top right corner there [...]