Is there any budget web hosting plan that can offer you a package that beats any other big competitors? We have found a great budget hosting plan that is not only offering the most in web hosting spec/feature, and its also offering the most in free gift and free marketing credits too. The Fatcow web hosting is another great choice when come to finding the best budget web hosting. They are now with even more Google advertising credits for webmaster to advertise their websites.

Fatcow is the very few web hosting company that offering up to $100 Google coupon for free. Their new customer are automatically valid for this free coupon. What they need to do is spend $25 dollars on Google advertising space and this coupon will be theirs. That is the term condition that we managed to find.

With this new free gift via marketing coupon, Fatcow has move one step forward to become the most recommended budget website hosting venue.

  1. Free $100 Google bonus
  2. Free $50 Facebook credit
  3. Free $25 Yahoo search
  4. Free YellowPages business listing
  5. Free Toll-free phone number

Fatcow marketing credits and free features are as picture below

Fatcow marketing credits free

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This is great! All new customers are now entitling for even more marketing credit and this include the $100 dollars free from Google Adwords. Yes, this allows you to advertise with Adwords and get more web traffic from them directly. Search engine traffic is the highest quality and you can spend the free credit to [...]

We are one of Fatcow customer and we love their promotion and free gift too. That’s why we always look for web host that offering the best offer, marketing credits, and free gift to customer. Fatcow hosting is the green host that offering tons of free gift to customer, this is obviously true as they [...]

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Fatcow hosting is now offering a complete marketing service and advertising solution. Either you are Fatcow customer or not, you can get this fabulous Fatcow marketing service that covering website design, website SEO service, and website advertising service. These three major components help make your website a huge success. Fatcow marketing service is here to [...]