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If you are looking for software to create website and hope to do it fast with minimum technical knowledge. You can choose either to use downloadable software or use the software online, both allow you to create website and publish online. Web professional often use downloadable software, paid premium software allows you to create webpage and publish on web server, full feature drag and drop and what you see is what you get interface is common feature that you can find.

Beginner or less technical user will prefer to use the online site builder software, it’s free, and its come with your web hosting services. Most of the web hosting plan today is offering with site builder tools, and you can find the most popular 3 site builders as following:

  1. Weebly Drag and Drop site builder
  2. Website creator by CM4all
  3. RVsitebuilder

For example in Fatcow hosting, you can get the two famous site builder tools, Weebly and website creator by CM4All. RVsitebuilder is available in cPanel hosting plan only. These website builder tools are offering with collection of free website templates that you can import into your website and add content to it! It’s the most easiest way to create website online! In summary, here is what Fatcow web hosting will provide

  1. Fatcow Weebly website builder
  2. Fatcow CM4All website creator
  3. Fatcow with goMobi mobile site builder
  4. Free website templates from within this website builder tool.

Fatcow site builder list

One of the reasons we recommend Fatcow hosting is that they are offering two web site builder tools, its user friendly and easy to use. This gives more option and flexibility to their user. And with the more advanced time-saving site builder tools…. creating website is now just a few minutes of works.

Fatcow site builder tools are complete and powerful. They provide more than one site builder tool for their user. Above we have tested and reviewed all the Fatcow site builders and we love it. Fatcow hosting discount price is only $2.95/mo and suitable for beginners and expert user!

As our Fatcow reviews before this, Fatcow hosting is offering one of the most advanced web site builder tools for their customer. It’s a free site builder tools that you can use to create new websites and edit website created. This Fatcow site builder tools is now improved and offering more features.

Drag and Drop Site Builder is our easy-to-use website building tool which allows you to create professional-looking sites quickly and easily by dragging and dropping site elements onto a page. Manage your site on your own – no prior experience needed.

In Fatcow control panel, we are now seeing this new updates. Fatcow site builder is now with more free templates to choose from, advanced website preview, favorite template option, additional template customization, improved SEO flexibility in creating SEO optimized websites and more. This is the improved version of Fatcow website builder, and its now available in their control panel.

Free with your plan, Weebly Drag and Drop Builder lets you build a professional-looking, interactive website that’s reflective of your business simply by dragging and dropping site elements onto your web pages. Easily integrate videos, pictures, maps, contact forms, a blog and more–the end result will be a site that looks professionally-designed, but took mere minutes to create!

Login to your Fatcow control panel to view the latest update on Fatcow Weebly site builder tools, included in your hosting account for free. View more Fatcow promotion code and discount here in this Fatcow coupon website.

Fatcow site builder tool

How to use Fatcow Website Builder Tool?

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Fatcow web hosting is green hosting, and it’s offering variety of website builder tool that help you to create website online. You can use own downloadable software to create and edit webpage, or you can use the free online website builder tool offered by Fatcow hosting.

How to take advantage from free website builder tool, and how can it help you to create website online? Why not choosing the downloadable software instead? The reason here is simple, SPEED! You can spend time to search for downloadable software and pay for its licensing, download and install it, and activate it, and then start creating website from plain empty page without any web template, they didn’t even provide you with template or CSS for you to choose from and it cost you hundreds of dollar in licensing. Sucks isn’t it!

Forget about downloadable software, if you are thinking to create website fast, professional website template and with font that you can choose… you should give website builder tool a try, its an online builder tool that provided by Fatcow hosting plan. Once you choose your preferred web template and design, upload your logo and picture and content to the website builder tool, it will generate the output web files for you and upload it to your hosting account. Simple isn’t it. No software to download, no licensing to pay, and you got template to start with.

You can choose your domain name, Fatcow hosting is come free domain name when you sign up with them. Next use the website builder tool to create webpage. You can track visitors to your website, use the website statistic tool from your Fatcow control panel, it will shows you the visitor visit and how long they stay on site. From these data, you can enhance your website and make more visitors get to your website and stays longer.

Fatcow hosting provides you everything you need to be success online, give them a try today, Fatcow coupon price is just $3.15 per month.

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