As we already review before this, Fatcow hosting is offering both normal FTP connection and secures FTP connection (sFTP) for you to upload/download files from web server. Another alternative for you to manage files on server is via the Fatcow Filemanager beta. It’s a new upgraded tool provided via Fatcow vDeck control panel, and today we had experienced it.

Commonly we are using Filezilla to manage the file ftp upload and download over server, and it was easy when dealing with small amount of files. But when you want to move large group of files from one folder to another folder, or copy paste, or delete large directories with lots of files… Filezilla will take a long ftp process queue to complete the task. It’s time to call for the Filemanager to the rescue. Fatcow Filemanager is just like a full feature file manager program, expect to delete large directories within second, upload download files from server, copy and paste directories files in second and more. You even can archive files and change file permission via Filemanager, the online tool.

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Fatcow secure FTP & SFTP server access

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Fatcow hosting allows both normal FTP connection and sFTP connection, the secure FTP connection. Not many web hosting provider offering secure FTP connection method. From what we understand, Fatcow sFTP is perform via ftp client only, make sure your ftp client is supporting the secure FTP connection method, recommended here is Filezilla FTP client software. [...]

Do Fatcow provide SSH connection?

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Fatcow not provide SSH connection to server. We had search the Fatcow knowledgebase and can’t find any relevant information about SSH connection to Fatcow server. Also we login to our Fatcow account for this, and from Fatcow control panel there is no SSH connection feature provided as well. Thus we conclude that Fatcow hosting [...]

In you Fatcow vDeck control panel, you can find the new version of Filemanager beta running in it. Filemanager allows you to view files and manage files in server via web browser. It’s both convenient and easy to move files and folders quickly, and eliminate the hassle to use FTP client program to manage server [...]

Fatcow filemanager revamped

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Fatcow vDeck control panel is now with the latest Filemanager beta version. It’s an improved version of Fatcow file manager, which are designed with improved usability and user-friendliness. From our Fatcow hosting account for this Fatcow review website, we are testing out the new file manager beta. It’s a complete new user experience, more reliable [...]