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Register with domain registrar or web hosting company? The first thing to host your own website online is to get a new domain name and then a web hosting plan. For domain name registration, you can choose to register it from your new web hosting company or register it from third party domain registrar. In today web hosting industry, most of the top web hosting companies is now offering one free domain name for their new web hosting plan signup. When you get a new web hosting package from them, they include one free domain name inside. And when you need more domain names, either you can register it with your web hosting company or from domain registrar. There are advantages at both side, and here are the pros and cons to choose domain registration from web hosting company:

  1. Integrated domain management and web hosting control panel. You get to manage your domain name from the web hosting control panel. It offer more convenient and flexibility.
  2. Getting technical support from web hosting company. Since you are paying for their web hosting service and this includes their customer service, getting their support and advice is much easier than getting it from domain registrar. Really!
  3. Direct domain registration and automatically added to your web hosting account and instant website setup. There is no need to reconfigure the domain DNS, as the domain name registered by web hosting company will be setup properly.

Once you have chosen to register a new domain name and already chosen a great domain name. Next thing is to check on their price different and get the best domain deal. Especially when you are doing bulk domain registration, the price different will be huge. One dollar less per domain name, and registering twenty or fifty domain name will be a huge different.

Here are some of the today famous domain registrars and also our list of top 10 most recommended domain registration company:

  1. Namecheap domain price at $2.48/year. They also have free WHOIS domain protection and cheap domain renewal price too.
  2. with .info domain name at $1.99/year and .com domain name at $11.99/year.
  3. domain name from $3.49/year.
  4. domain price at $3.99/year for the first year.
  5. domain price from $5.75/year.
  6. domain name at price $9.00/year.
  7. Yahoo domain name at $9.95/year.
  8. domain price at $9.99/year.
  9. $12.99/year domain name and $6.99/year phone offer.
  10. domain price at $35/year.

There you have it, the 2012′s top 10 domain registrar comparison and price different. Always check their website for the latest pricing. Some domain registrar offer cheap domain registration service for the first year, for this reason you need to check on their domain renewal price too. Some registrar applies additional fees and some other are charging much higher price compare to the other.

If you need a multiple domain web hosting plan (one web hosting for hosting multiple websites), this Fatcow web hosting plan is the best recommendation! You also get Fatcow domain name for free, one domain name is included in their web hosting signup. Additional domain registration is cheap and reasonable in price. Addon domain name can be done DIY via the Fatcow control panel, and Fatcow addon domain process is free and you get to add as many as you like.

Do you have domain names registered elsewhere & want to host it with Fatcow budget web hosting plan? Adding new domain name into your Fatcow account. No matter you have one domain or one hundred domain name registered elsewhere, you can point the domain name to Fatcow DNS Domain Name Server and host the domains with Fatcow unlimited domain hosting plan. They offers cheap domain registration and domain hosting, this make them a good place to host bulk domains.

There is no need to transfer domain to Fatcow hosting, keep it with existing domain registrar, and you can continue to host the domain at Fatcow hosting. Fatcow hosting offers unlimited domain hosting and able to host multiple websites all together in one hosting plan. There is no extra cost, and there is no need to physically transfer the domain to Fatcow hosting.

Fatcow unlimited domain management

Fatcow domain pointing and changing DNS is made simple with their control panel. To point the domain to Fatcow DNS, you can login to existing domain registrar control panel and change the DNS nameserver to point to Fatcow DNS at


If your domain name is registered with Godaddy, Namecheap, Dotster or with any other domain registrar, the domain name can be hosted with Fatcow web hosting as well. Either you change the domain name DNS to point to Fatcow web hosting only, or you can choose to transfer the domain to Fatcow hosting and later host the domain with Fatcow.

After pointing the domain name to Fatcow web hosting, you are ready to add the domain name to your Fatcow web hosting account. Login to Fatcow vDeck and add the domain into our account, use the domain manager to add new domain name to your account. The additional domain name is add to the account as addon domain name. Fatcow hosting allows unlimited domain hosting and this allow you add more domain names into your account and continue to host more websites. Fatcow addon domain process is quick and simple, and you can get access to new domain instantly after setup.

By this way, you are adding domain name registered elsewhere to your Fatcow hosting account. And this also include domain name that you registered with other web hosting company. Fatcow hosting is the best place to host your websites, and our Fatcow coupon offering you special discount price for only $3.15 per month.

If you are non-technical type of person or you need some help when come to adding website to your web hosting account, this section will be a great help for you. If you are registering domain name via Fatcow web hosting, the new Fatcow domain name will be added into your domain manager automatically and already pointing to the Fatcow domain nameserver. This save a lot of setting work and you are ready to work with the website directly.

If you have domain name expiring soon, it’s the best to get it renew before its due date. If your website is not active for sometime, and there is no interest to continue the website. It’s now to ask your self either the domain name worth the money to be continuing on. Note that age old domain name is more valuable than newly registered domain name. Unless you are having hundreds of domain names, letting goes of one or two domain names are not hard at all. When you are having one or two domain names, and how should you keep the website going and should you continue to register the domain name and pay the annual fees?

If pricing and money is the main concern here, you can find a cheap budget domain registrar and transfer your domain name over. We recommend NameCheap domain registrar with good pricing. After transferring the domain to cheaper domain registrar, you can park domain name without having a web hosting plan. We know that web hosting plan could easily cost you $50 dollars per year, and it’s not a choice if you planning to discontinue your online present. For this situation, you can still keep the domain name by parked it at domain registrar, without having hosting plan. The next time you are ready to return to the dot com, you can reactivate your website and find a good hosting service to host your website. For example Fatcow hosting is good price and you are getting unlimited domain hosting from this green web hosting company.

Fatcow domain name expiring soon and how to renew Fatcow domain? If you have domain name registered with Fatcow web hosting or transferred the domain over to Fatcow, the next domain renewal process will be conducted from Fatcow control panel. In order to renew your Fatcow domain name, first login to Fatcow control panel and go to domain manager. From here, select the domain name to renew and click the renew domain button. Proceed with the domain renewal process and make the payment. Once you completed the Fatcow domain renewal process, the domain is yours for year(s) to come. Also checked the auto renewal button to ensure the domain name is protected with automatic renewal ever time it’s expiring soon.

What is Fatcow domain renewal price? Their domain renewal price same as domain registration price, which is currently $12.99 per year.

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