Fatcow catch-all email option

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Email catch-all feature had become a common web hosting feature. The cPanel hosting and vDeck hosting are offering the email catch all feature for their user. It is a feature to catch all email sent to your domain name, regardless to invalid recipient, as long the email is for your domain name.

Unavoidable, your friend or customer can be sending email to you, but mistype the exact email address. As long they get the domain name right, the email will be managed by catch-all function. You can manage how the cached email being process, either bounce them back to sender, save it to temporary folder, or trash it automatically.

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When is the last time you sent email to your potential customers, did they come back to you and buy from you? Do you wonder why they don’t get back to you; did they get your email, what they actually want to buy? In order to boost your online marketing sales and performance, you really [...]

Fatcow web hosting is our top pick web hosting company. They are affordable and in great quality. The web hosting feature is complete and generous too. Besides getting unlimited email account for your hosting plan, you are getting the free mailing list manager that manages your website newsletter. With the basic newsletter management provided to [...]

It’s common to see 20MB or 25MB mailbox size limit on shared web hosting. Either you are using cPanel or vDeck, when you are adding new email account to your domain, you will be limited to default mailbox size. It’s frustrated when you signup with web hosting that limiting you with 20MB mailbox size isn’t [...]

Fatcow hosting are with unlimited hosting feature and offering unlimited email accounts. If you already have an account with Fatcow hosting, your might need to use the email feature to send and receive email too. Simply add new email account from Fatcow vDeck control panel. Once your new email account is created, you can now [...]

Fatcow hosting plan is complete with unlimited mailbox creation, you can create as many POP email accounts as you require. From Fatcow vDeck control panel, go to Mailcentral and you can add new email accounts from here. Also being offering in this Fatcow hosting package, is the email spam protection and spam filtering feature. You [...]

Fatcow email and webmail

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Fatcow hosting is having a discount promotion now, and selling at special price of $66 per month. This Fatcow hosting plan come with 1500GB web storage space with unlimited domain hosting and unlimited email accounts. Unlimited email accounts are referring to where you can create/add new email accounts unlimited. You can create new email account [...]