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Adding ecommerce shopping cart to WordPress blogging website. Who says blogging site can’t sell products or service online. Blogging site can earn from various way, not just limited to advertising or affiliate revenue. Blogging site too can have e-commerce feature in it, and enable the blogger to sell product services directly from their blogging site.

To enable ecommerce shopping cart in your WordPress blogging web site, you will need WordPress ecommerce plugin installed. You can find few of them from WordPress plugin site. From our review and research, we like this WordPress eCommerce plugin the most:

Regardless you are selling cloths, computer hardware, car parts, mobile phone, or gadgets online… you can now do it via your WordPress blogging site. Having a WordPress blog is everything right now! You can add product to your online store, sell it at your blog, take order, process it, and manage inventory from it. It’s a complete e-commerce solution at your WordPress blog. Great!

For this to work perfectly, we will recommend ecommerce web hosting plan that also support WordPress blog. If you want a web host that works the best for both, then we are recommending this Fatcow unlimited web hosting plan.

It would be even better if you can get the green web hosting plan from Fatcow hosting to host your WordPress or E-commerce website. This is not an ordinary web hosting plan. It is the 100% green e-commerce enabled web hosting plan. They provide variety of ecommerce software and you can setup WordPress blog with eCommerce feature enabled too. We had conducted various testing and review in this eCommerce web hosting plan, and we are recommending Fatcow too!

  • Fatcow uses secure web hosting environment.
  • Fatcow offers unlimited web hosting plan and you get to host multiple e-commerce websites in one account.
  • Fatcow hosting is 100% green and your eCommerce sites can now be 100% green too.
  • Fatcow customer service and support is the best.

Right now, this Fatcow eCommerce website hosting plan is available with huge discount. Our Fatcow promo code is offering you special price of $3.15 per month, or 65% off their eCommerce enabled web hosting plan. This is the cheapest price and the best Fatcow deals you can find. Most importantly, Fatcow hosting is using secure server and they are eCommerce hosting compatible. Shared SSL comes free, and you can upgrade to private SSL if require. That’s a great eCommerce web hosting offer!

As per our previous Fatcow review, we tested some eCommerce software at Fatcow budget hosting plan. Not just that, we had installed osCommerce shopping script at Fatcow server. In order to receive payment online, you will need credit card processing and payment gateway service. Your osCommerce shopping cart can be integrated with Powerpay payment processing, and received payment from your website directly. A setup guide is provided to assist you to configure osCommerce for Powerpay payment gateway.

Besides using Powerpay credit card payment processing, webmaster can always use other payment processor including Paypal and iPayment etc. Accepting online payment and credit card payment is made easy with this payment processing gateway service.

And this Fatcow web hosting is the best place to host your eCommerce websites. This green web hosting plan also includes nine eCommerce software for your installation. And they also provide various payments processing service for you to choose from. This makes them one of the easiest to use eCommerce web hosting plan.

Fatcow for Magento ecommerce web hosting? Currently Fatcow hosting is not supporting Magento ecommerce scripts, as the Magento require SSH access that is not available in Fatcow hosting. Web hosting server which allows SSH connection and access are more vulnerable and hence it’s now being offered in Fatcow eCommerce hosting. Anyhow, Fatcow ecommerce scripts are offering OScommerce, Agoracart, Zencart, Cubecart, and others. You can select these commerce scripts instead. Ecommerce site is all about security and safe online transaction, hence its best to host your ecommerce website at fully secure web hosting.

PS. Magento installation can be completed without using shell access; hence you can download the .zip version of Magento and install it at any PHP server. This is more secure, and doesn’t require activation of SSH shell access at hosting server.

Fatcow hosting is now at special promo price $3.67 per month and it’s with secure server and supporting ecommerce website too.

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