Fatcow web hosting is now with a new control panel at beta version. You can switch to the latest vDeck 4 and experience yourself the new web hosting excitement. It’s interesting and refreshing, that’s the impression we have for the new vDeck control panel. Compare this version with the previous vDeck, this version is more similar to cPanel control panel.

You can find the menu tab added to the control panel, simplify your search for tools. All in drop down list display in nicely formatted fonts. Yup, this new vDeck 4 appear to be better compare with older version. You guys with Fatcow hosting, it’s time to switch onto the latest control panel.

After few months using their vDeck control panel, we realized and see their potential. This is going to be a great website control panel. Its simple to use, its functional, its fast and working as expected, and it provide all the necessary features including:

  • website management
  • domain management
  • email management
  • eCommerce features and tools
  • scripts installer via Fatcow Simple Scripts
  • account and billing management
  • and many more features inside this vDeck.

Q: How to access login Fatcow control panel?
It’s simple. Just visit Fatcow.com and there is a control panel link at the top section. This link will bring you to the Fatcow control panel login page. Enter the username and password to access Fatcow control panel. For our www.Fatcowreview.org, we are accessing via this link as well. Note that there is no direct access via your domain name for example yourdomain/vdeck shortcut link as found in cPanel hosting. Fatcow vDeck is accessible via their Fatcow.com homepage only.

Q: Is Fatcow control panel free?
Yes, this website control panel is come free when you choose Fatcow shared hosting plan. The Fatcow unlimited hosting plan is now offering vDeck version 4. It is FOC and included inside the hosting package.

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  1. Tim Admin Says:

    more about Fatcow vDeck can be found in here

    and this vDeck is also used by iPage web hosting company, and there are many other web hosts that preferring this website control panel too.

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