Fatcow for Magento ecommerce web hosting? Currently Fatcow hosting is not supporting Magento ecommerce scripts, as the Magento require SSH access that is not available in Fatcow hosting. Web hosting server which allows SSH connection and access are more vulnerable and hence it’s now being offered in Fatcow eCommerce hosting. Anyhow, Fatcow ecommerce scripts are offering OScommerce, Agoracart, Zencart, Cubecart, and others. You can select these commerce scripts instead. Ecommerce site is all about security and safe online transaction, hence its best to host your ecommerce website at fully secure web hosting.

PS. Magento installation can be completed without using shell access; hence you can download the .zip version of Magento and install it at any PHP server. This is more secure, and doesn’t require activation of SSH shell access at hosting server.

Fatcow hosting is now at special promo price $3.67 per month and it’s with secure server and supporting ecommerce website too.

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  1. Administrator Says:

    from magento wiki lately, we discovered that magento can be setup at most php hosting, regardless ssh secure shell access is provided or not. the SSH shell access is mainly serve to unzip the tar file and issue command like bitserve.

    As a solution, you can download the .zip magento files instead, unzip it at your windows computer, and later upload the files to the fatcow home directory, and complete the magento installation from there.

    shell access is required by ruby on rails application, but not compulsory for magento commerce website.

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