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If you are interested at Fatcow hosting and already know they are now one of the top web hosting company, you can also promote Fatcow hosting and earn some extra cash today. By joining Fatcow affiliate program and Fatcow referral program, you can earn up to $110 per successful sales.

Become a Fatcow customer today, experience their web hosting services, host your website with Fatcow hosting, and switch over to Fatcow hosting. You can join Fatcow affiliate program and place Fatcow banner on your websites, directing visitors to the Fatcow website and refer them to Fatcow hosting.

Fatcow hosting offering affiliate program and referral program, its two different programs and you can get paid from any of these. Affiliate program require you to signup their affiliate program and use the affiliate link for sales tracking and recording. For referral program, the new customer need to mention you as the referral when they signing up for web hosting services, for example they can write “” as their referral.

Simple as that, you are now known the different between affiliate program and referral program, and you can get them both from Fatcow web hosting. Visit Fatcow hosting today, view their web hosting plan and join their affiliate program.

Got an online business running and selling own product or services online? Online marketing is highly saturated, and it’s important to recruit marketer to help you sell your product online or offline. How can you recruit hundreds or thousand of people at the same time, let them promote your product, self-managed system, and it should be at lowest start-up cost and lowest running cost? The answer to this will be having an affiliate program for your online business.

Via affiliate program, you can recruit affiliate marketing to signup to your program. The internet marketer will promote your product and send in sales. Regardless how many efforts they put in to bring in sales, there is no hourly pays. What you do is give sales commission for every sale they bring in. Let say they are helping you to sell a product worth $100 dollars, you can reward $20 dollars sales commission in return.

A lot of internet marketer is willing to work for this sales commission. And some big online company are heavily relying on their affiliate program success. If you are on the online marketing and wish to gain the same success for your business, then get started with affiliate program today.

You could host your online websites with Fatcow hosting, its affordable and its high quality, and its supporting e-commerce shopping site too. This is a good place to host business website.

Fatcow affiliate program had been enhanced as well, not just their web hosting plan is now with unlimited domain name and unlimited MySQL database. This Fatcow affiliate programs are now with $100.00 payout per sales. And the Fatcow referral program will pay you $10 per new customer. Fatcow reseller program is available for those look forward to resell their web hosting services. There are three different things here

  1. Affiliate program with $100 payout
  2. Referral program with $10 payout
  3. Reseller program at the price you determined and the profit is yours

Previously, Fatcow affiliate program only pays $85 per sales. Now, their payout rate is much better. This web hosting affiliate program pays more compare to most other web hosting company, and this is one good reason to consider promoting their product and service.

Signup a new Fatcow hosting account today and start earning sales commission today! Fatcow hosting plan is in promotion and you can signup at discount price. Once you are familiar with their hosting service, you are ready to promote their services or resell their products.

Fatcow affiliate program overview

Fatcow affiliate program is offering $85 dollars for every customer you referring to them. You can sign up a Fatcow hosting account and join the Fatcow affiliate program. Then refer customer to Fatcow hosting, on successful, you will be awarded with $85 dollars of sales commission.

Referral Fees will be issued approximately 45 days after the end of each calendar quarter. To qualify to receive payment, your Referral Fee must be at least $50.00. Based solely on the discretion of Fatcow, payment may be withheld for amounts under $50.00.

**Not sure Fatcow affiliate program is working or there is problem with this affiliate program, we have referred few customers to them and the earliest date was back to May 2008. Now is October 2008, and there is no payout so far & we are waiting for their affiliate payment.

Other than affiliate program, Fatcow also offering referral program that pays $10 per customer you refer. If you are looking forward to resell Fatcow hosting, you can apply for the Fatcow reseller program instead.