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22 Responses to “Earn $5 Write Your Fatcow Review!”

  1. James Admin Says:

    Review from: Jason
    Website: Revivalaudio.com

    I recently joined the fatcow family by hosting the first site I’ve ever built all by myself, as far as writing the html/css code (I’ve hosted other sites with templates). The process is really simple with Fatcow, the ftp is super quick and the controls are very easy to figure out. I would definitely recommend this fatcow hosting provider for a basic hosting site!

  2. James Admin Says:

    Review from: Bruno
    Website: Studiodebas.com

    While others provide you hosting Fatcow provides you a partner able to save you money and render simple task painless.I have used many hosting companies. Fatcow is by far the better one.

  3. James Admin Says:

    Review from: Moe
    Website: 15122.com

    FatCow has been great for me. The service is exceptional. It has Awesome technical support, they are professional and almost overly polite. The price.. it’s great.

  4. James Admin Says:

    Review from: Shane
    Website: Internetquadrant.com

    I have used other programs…godaddy, register, homestead, 1&1, all those programs are difficult to navigate through. Fatcow just seems to make sense as you work through the system. What I really really like is how easy word press is integrated. Took me 5-10 min to setup. I am proud of my website for the first time in my life. And I log on all the time. I share with every one I know offline an online. Use fatcow use fatcow.

  5. Administrator Says:

    Review from: Kenneth
    Website: thinkbigtutor.com

    Fatcow is a great hosting service. Not only do I get relatively cheap hosting, but a free domain with it! I was not familiar with site making before discovering Fatcow but now I take pride in my own website. The support team is very responsive and they have resolved any issues I have had. Fatcow is definitely a host to consider!

  6. Administrator Says:

    Review from: Sharma
    Website: freereleasepress.com

    I was using Other hosting service which is well known hosting services, but i was disappointed by their customer services and complex hosting solution and user panel. I switched to fatcaw with knowing about this hosting company and i was really happy with their services and Customer care. These guys can do anything to help you and solve your issues. i love it and after ward i am having 5 other account with them and i had also refer Fatcow to my company for various clients in India and other Countries… Fatcow You Rocks…Best of the Best.

  7. Administrator Says:

    Review from: Tim
    Website: 20southwalnut.com

    i am using fatcow hosting and I highly recommend fatcow because for cheap price. Fatcow customer Support is good and supportive.

  8. James Admin Says:

    Review from: Climson
    Website: Macview.ca

    When I signed up with Fatcow it was an amazing experience. I immediately began exploring and there technical support gave my a full tutorial about everything I needed to know. Whenever I had any problems they would fix them immediately. I was amazed by how many advertising credits I got, and there integration with WordPress. Brilliant Job guys!

  9. James Admin Says:

    Review from: Kirill
    Website: Appview.ca

    When I switched over to fatcow my website began to run faster. There support staff is al also very reliable and dependable on any major problems that could have occurred. They also provide a lot of advertising credits and features such as wordpress.

  10. Tim Admin Says:

    Review From: Edward
    Website: Finderskeepersbuyerssellersllc.com

    I am very happy with Fatcow, they have always been very helpful and the tech folks are top notch, if you go someplace else check your battery you maybe low.

  11. Tim Admin Says:

    Review From: Cream
    Website: creamc.com

    GOOD. Great price, incredible service. Get a MOOOve on to this webhosting.

  12. Tim Admin Says:

    Review From: Camay
    Website: Reflektmag.com

    Finally found something EASY TO USE. Fatcow web hosting is the best and the most easy to use. Love it. Recommended!

  13. Tim Admin Says:

    Review From: Cabahug
    Website: Lerawr.com

    Affordable and user friendly. Fatcow hosting is our first choice when come to budget web hosting, their price is far cheaper compare to any other competitors. Good price and good value. Highly recommended!

  14. Tim Admin Says:

    Review From: Lad
    Website: Priceofgoldin.com

    FatCow Hosting is Fast Reliable and having the excellent support of the team though I am from India i am getting very powerful support. If you are looking to HOST for a Website, I would highly recommend FatCow.

  15. Administrator Says:

    Review From: Xuan
    Website: Thoitrang68.com

    I am a custommer of FatCow and having used FatCow hosting more than 4 weeks. The first, I thing saw at FatCow is the great enthusiasm of the team of customer support, great, my problem is solved less than 5 minutes and not have to wait. I’ve never seen to get this on other provider . Speed ​​is excellent site and virtually no downtime. Vdeck4 panel is also very friendly and easy to use and you can not find a good provider that is cheap as FatCow – FatCow is No. 1.

  16. Administrator Says:

    Review From: Thuylan
    Website: Thuylanhb.com

    I have used hosting FatCow from 12/2011 and very satisfied with it. I use FatCow hosting to store the photos I take their my homeland. I saved a lot of my photos on the host site but the speed download isn’t slow. I also encountered difficulties when start use but support helped me resolve very enthusiastic the problem quickly and professionally. Priced at $ 3.67 / Mo, you will not find anywhere best provider as FatCow, I recommend that you select FatCow when choosing hosting for your blog.

  17. Administrator Says:

    Review From: Linh
    Website: Johnsonsautocare.com

    Before I use HostGator, after a while I switched to FatCow. Perhaps this is a great service host for me personally. I Think not move again hosting provider. Wish you the further development.

  18. Administrator Says:

    Review From: Melissa
    Website: Videovision.co

    My husband and I own a video production company in Virginia. We have recently subscribed to Fatcow as a small business owner to consolidate our webhost and mail. Our website and webmail host was a local company, but we wanted more flexibility in our website as well as web presence as our business expands and changes. We now pay half as much for our service per year and can now have the knowledge and control of the content of our website.

    I learned to use the drag and drop system after using the knowledge base and some other online tutorials to create a better online representation of our work. We were also glad to know that our site is powered by wind. The environment is important to us and proudly display a badge stating such, on our site.

    We now have the flexibility to advertise or not, and be creative in our overall messaging to our clients or future clients. I appreciate the social media plugs and linking capabilities to enhance our SEO.

    Hopefully, the spiffy new diggs will create some ROI.

    Thank you Fatcow! I may need to call you about some advertising q’s, but for now we are glad to be together under one roof in the barn.

  19. Administrator Says:

    Review From: Insaf
    Website: Toonpot.com

    I have tried more than three hosts before, but I wasnt happy with them. When I came to fatcow, I am completely satisfied. The best part of fatcow is that their Customer care team. Whenever I fall in trouble I just contact them and everything get fixed. I should say that I was never disappointed by the customer support. Uptime is 99.9% as they assured and website speed is very good(I have one flash games site it loads quickly).

  20. Administrator Says:

    Review From: Richard
    Website: Thesongcompany.com

    Fatcow is the best web hosting service i have ever used. I feel very comfortable when hosting with Fatcow. The speed is unbelievable. Ping rate is alway good. Uptime is 100%, my website has never had downtime. The support team is very friendly, they help me many problems (even problems that not relate to host service like import data, debug my site…). If anyone wanna use a good hosting service, i will highly recommend him to use Fatcow!

  21. Administrator Says:

    Review From: Carolann
    Website: Wonderpuggraphics.com

    I decided to start using FatCow because I am always looking for the little ways in which I can ‘Go Green’ – I figure if everyone does one small thing a day – then the world will slowly be healthier as will every person who lives here. I enjoy FatCow because my site is live and running on wind power every single day. Plus, the rates are affordable and even though there are occasional service outages – the support team, especially their twitter team, seem to be willing to lend a hand so that you never as a customer feel alone and stuck.

  22. Administrator Says:

    Review From: Kimberly
    Website: Kjeneal.com

    I was excited to purchase a site with a drag and drop website builder, per the add I thought I was getting Pay Pal integration along with a shopping cart. After I purchased the website I was hit with the bate and switch. You can only get a shopping cart on drag and drop sites if you purchase E commerce which is a additional $35.40 a year. This was not disclosed at time of purchase. If you use Shop Starter you can sell items online, but that program is in creditably slow. Also,the plan I purchased only allows you 6 pages in the drag and drop Weebly Website Builder. That was also not disclosed.

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