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Dofollow blog comment strategy

Last Update: December 15th, 2012 5 Comments »

It’s one of the effective ways to attract new visitors to your website is to allow blog comment posting at your blogging site. By allowing those to post comment and add own URL address to their blog post. Dofollow link is later pointed back to their website which serves as a back link for search engines and for user to follow as well. Those that post comment on do follow blog comment will receive back link and web traffic at the same time, its advantageous and hence encourage visitors to leave comments online.

Note that dofollow blog are attracting blog spam as well. Make sure you have the Akismet plugin turned on, and also make sure you are moderating the common posted before showing online. You don’t want to have spam content that link to bad neighbourhood. It hurt your website reputation at the end, and that is not the comment quality you are seeking for. Give it a try if you are looking for tons of fresh comment for your blog, and it’s great to have dofollow blogs comment after all.

In the other way round, if you are commenting on other people blog. Make sure you are not spamming their blogs and not submitting poor quality content or feedback as well. Too many comment links with similar text or spam links will have negative impact to your website. Comment spamming will bring harm and once search engines identified the spammer site, they will not hesitate to remove the website from their result page.

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If you are doing SEO for your website and targeting certain keywords, and hope to increase it site ranking, most likely you are focusing on incoming links isn’t it. Since Google search engines became the biggest search engines and bringing in quality web traffic, search engine optimization took another step to incoming link building and webmaster are fully focusing in creating more incoming links from authority sites. There is no time spent for in-page linking and the website structure is poorly organized. This is really bad for your website ranking!

If you are truly going to SEO optimised your website, start with doing a good job at in page linking. Make sure your website is easily navigated. Use text link to link to internal pages, instead of using graphic links. For graphic links make sure there is ALT added to the graphic description. For sure you can spend some extra time to check on your own website, test out its navigation, and user-friendliness. Also generate the sitemap for your website for easier search engines crawling.

If you are optimizing your website for Google search engine ranking, there are more steps to take into consideration. For example, Google only allows 100 links max per webpage. If you page is having more than 100 links, the remaining links will not be indexed at all. They also divide the webpage PageRank by total number of links in the page. The more links per page mean weaker link juice. All these are some of the SEO tips to learn if you want to rank well in Google as well.

Once you had completely constructing in page linking and navigation, only you start with external linking and spend some effort to bring quality incoming links. And remember to host your website with SEO-friendly web hosting service as well. Good luck to you SEO campaign and hopefully it will pay out well someday.

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Internet marketers always look for effective way to increase web traffic to website. There is no shortcut in this field of study, and its requiring years of hard work in learning how to do thing right. Once you get it right, you are one internet marketing wizard and able to command traffic from all over the place. Ever wonder how people increase web traffic to their web site? From online forum, it’s common to see people talk about their website able to get 10,000 unique visitors each day… and some goes to 100,000 visitors and more. Youtube is able to get billions of page view each day. There is always new record breaking in this web marketing, and its time to get thing started.

Source of Web traffic can be divided into following:

  • Paid traffic. This are web traffic that you buy via PPC (pay per click) advertising program, banner advertising campaign and other mean of online advertising.
  • Natural traffic. These are web traffic coming from various search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN Bing search engine.
  • Social network traffic. These are viral marketing and news that bring in the web traffic from social sites.

Now you are clear where the web traffic come from, and now you can target the web traffic from each of the three sources. If you are promoting own product brand of innovative ideas or services, it’s really effective to use PPC advertising program. Pay for clicks and bring in a lot of web traffic to your website, you can use Google Adwords program and advertising at the Google search engines and at Adsense enable websites too. There is endless web traffic you can send to your website. Enhance your ads and increase the conversion rate, this will help to keep the advertising cost low.

For natural web traffic from search engines user, you got to Search Engine Optimized (SEO) your website inside out. Make sure your website is search engine spider friendly, sitemap ready, and easy to navigate. These are the few requirements that make a SEO optimized website design. You can SEO your website internal link and also get some external website to link back to your website, this will bring in quit some traffic and also good for search engine result placement too.

Social network is the new thing in internet marketing for recent years. And it’s more alike viral marketing. If you have breaking news or something that everyone are interested to see. For example video clips, story, news, event. It will receive tons of web traffic from social sites.

For your high traffic websites to work, you also need a good web hosting that is search engines friendly. For example, Fatcow SEO friendly web hosting plan which is fast and able to handle high volume of web traffic.

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