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Fatcow shared hosting plan with load balancing technology are now complete with web hosting backup services. Fatcow backup service are free and included in your web hosting plan, it including file backup and database backup. Let see in details about Fatcow daily backup services:

1. FatCow performs periodic snapshot backups of your Web files.
2. Fatcow back up your database files nightly and keeps them for 3 days.
3. FatCow does not back up mail, except for short-term internal purposes to prevent data loss. Deleted mail messages cannot be retrieved from our servers.

In addition to that, you can perform manual backup of your web files and database via the Fatcow control panel, vDeck. Login to your Fatcow control panel, and go to file manager, and scroll down and you will see the “archive as zip”. Or you can use the archive gateway to compress web files and download it from Fatcow server. For Fatcow database, you can use the phpMyAdmin control panel to export database in ZIP or GZ format and download to local computer.

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