Why creating videos and share it via Youtube
It’s another improvement on our web hosting reviews, we are going to include video reviews and video tutorial for visitors. Anyone that dislike reading text content is now able to view it in HD video format via Youtube channel. Our Fatcow coupon video is already available online and also viewable at Youtube! Others videos we want to create include Fatcow review videos and tutorial videos.

Video clips have both visual and audio benefits. Viewer can see and understand at the same time. Picture says a thousand words, and we say moving picture is the best of all. We have created video clip to show user how to use our Fatcow coupon link to get Fatcow discount price. It’s a simple process but when told in words, people might not fully understand the steps involve. Via video clips and step by step video tutorial, everything is shown in more details and user and gets the message clearly within 10-20 seconds of time. Video message is clear and saving time too.

Video helps reaching more users
There are new visitors group that we want to target with, the video viewing users. People love watching videos compare to reading words. People that prefer thing are shown to them instead of words. It’s very common for video viral marketing right now, and we are exploring this opportunity too. Video viral marketing is where videos are created that its getting acceptance and being recommended by one user to another. It spread by itself and more people want to look at the video.

There are video clips that get hundred of thousand viewing, regardless it’s an informative message or a funny video clips. There is always a huge audience to tap to! Off course, video tutorial also provides clear step by step instruction to get the thing done, and its in attractive media format. Once you want the right videos, it’s going to serve the right audience group and that is when your viral marketing takes place and succeeds.

The best Youtube videos format
If you are running businesses and have things to teach or things to demonstrate, why not explore the opportunity of video sharing. A good video will get wide acceptance and recommendation, hence focus on quality video production, and do it in format that supported by Youtube user! We prefer to create our videos in High Definition HD format supported by Youtube and any other video sharing website. Not only that, online TV are getting more common too, and user from home are having TV set that can connect online and view videos and Youtube from TV set. That is another resolution that your web video need to support too. HD will be the best resolution, and we are selecting this high definition too.

No worry about video file size and viewer download speed or difficulties to stream the HD format at user side, as most video streaming site are now offering compression at their end. The HD video once uploaded to their site is converted into multiple formats, one is low resolution format and another is remaining as HD format. Users can choose their resolution and stream it smoothly without problem.

After choosing the HD file format, its time to choose the video compression format. This is the video file type that you will be creating. Either it’s going to be in:

  • .MOV (Movie)
  • .AVI (Audio Video Interface)
  • .MPEG (Moving Piture)
  • WMV (Windows Movie)
  • 3GP (mobile supported video format)
  • .FLV (Flash video format)

Choosing the right video compression format is important as not all video formats are viewable in user machines which can either be a Windows system, Macbook, iPad, mobile device or mobile phone. Most iPad device can’t view flash video format, this is thing you need to know before creating movie for your business. Some other format required plugin to be installed in order to view the video, including Quicktime and AVI. The safest video format will be the MPEG.

Video Editing Software & Video Creation Software
Next thing to do is to choose the best video editing software that supports your video format and resolution. Choose the best video software that is easy to use, cheap and affordable, and able to create the highest quality video output. This can be either paid licensing software or open source video editing software. For the professional, they will go for the premium video editing software that come with the most features, here are some to choose:

  • Abode Premiere Pro
  • Corel VideoStudio Pro
  • Pinnacle Studio HD
  • Sony Vegan Pro
  • Magix Movie
  • VideoPad Video Editor

And for the open source video editing software, here are the few options to go for:

  • OpenShot Video Editor
  • VLMC from VideoLAN

Create Video & Host It Online
There are few video sharing websites to host your videos. Youtube is the most popular choice and we are uploading few videos to our channel too. Beside that, we are uploading video to our web hosting account and host the video from our websites. If you need a web hosting plan, Fatcow hosting is a highly popular budget web hosting and it is suitable for video hosting!

In summary, there are two ways to serve videos in your website

  1. Use Youtube service to host the video and embed it into website.
  2. Host the video at web hosting plan and serve the video from hosting server. If you are using Fatcow, this can be done as well. Upload the video file to your domain directory and use the embedded HTML coding to display the video in your website. If you are using WordPress CMS, install the video playback plugin and enter the video file path to quickly add the video media into website.

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