Fatcow offering cheap SSL cert

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Fatcow web hosting is offering budget web hosing plan that is also suitable for eCommerce website hosting. This is a great budget eCommerce web hosting plan. They provide various eCommerce shopping carts for you to use and now also offering cheap SSL certificate for you to setup HTTPS secure website too.

Fatcow SSL cert pricing is getting cheaper right now. Forget about $79.95 dollars per year for private SSL cert, the new offer from Fatcow hosting is giving you 2 years SSL cert for $89.95 only. You are paying $45 dollars each year instead of $79 dollars. That is a huge discount and very good news to those who choose SSL cert from Fatcow hosting.

To order your SSL cert, you can login Fatcow control panel and at top section you will see the GeoTrust SSL promotion two years for $89.95 per month. Order your SSL from here, and make the payment online. Once you have the SSL cert, you can filled up the form and select the domain you want to link the SSL cert to, and wait for the approval and setup to take place.

Fatcow support private SSL certificate and it can be installed into your Fatcow hosting account and domain name. Fatcow eCommerce web hosting plan is available from price $3.15/mo and now offering cheap SSL certificate as well.

View Fatcow SSL cert promo price here!

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