Fatcow Installcentral is upgrading to Fatcow Simplescripts. They upgraded their installer tool and replacing the InstallCentral found in vdeck with the most advanced installer tool SimpleScripts. This new FatCow Simple Script offers much easier straight forward installation process for more than 50 plus open source software. Wide range of software to install for free, blog, forums, education site, project management, RSS, form survey, classified, social network, e-commerce and many more. Flexible installation and allows you to do configuration before installing into primary domain or addon domain or even at the sub-directory folder. Installing and uninstalling web software easily. And it have auto software version update too, one click to upgrade your site to the latest version.

Previously, we only can find SimpleScript at cPanel hosting company including Bluehost & Hostmonster. Not all web hosts are offering this Simplescripts. This awesome tool is now available for free at Fatcow web hosting, this is one of the first green web host that offer Simplescripts installer.

From our Fatcow reviews and testing, definitely this installer tool is better compare to the previous InstallCentral. Good improvement from this Fatcow budget hosting plan. Fatcow SimpleScripts is a great tool to have and they are continuously adding new software inside and provide 1-click installer. We have compare Simplescripts with Fantastico, its clear this Simplescripts is one generation ahead and constantly upgrading and improving.

Visit Fatcow.com here for their web hosting plan with SimpleScripts!

Fatcow SimpleScript installer

Fatcow hosting is a PHP web hosting plan that allows you to install various open source PHP scripts in it, similar with other cPanel hosting that you find. And with no different, Fatcow hosting comes with InstallCentral installer that is similar to cPanel Fantastico that enable quick script installation and setup. Fatcow InstallCentral is accessible [...]