If you have a lot of photos to share online and would like to have some diary blog, this combination will require you a Pixelpost photo blogging application. Looking for a web hosting plan to host Pixelpost is not difficult, the problem is to find it cheap and great at the same time. This is when we need a quality web hosting plan that is affordable at the same time.

This Fatcow budget web hosting plan can become a cheap place to host Pixelpost website. And their price is around three dollars per month only. The Pixelpost is now provided in Fatcow Simplescripts and come as a free application in their web hosting plan.

Pixelpost is very easy to use, and similar with blogging application, you get to upload photo and publish it online. Off course, it come with lots more feature than plainly publishing photo online, it allows you to rate and organize the photo albums, add tag and comment, and more.

For photo album hosting or blog hosting, we recommend Fatcow hosting. It’s with great service uptime and technical support, and with a lot of free application for you to setup and use! There are variety of creative you can create for your Photoblog, either your landscape photo shooting, travel photo blog, foods and beverage photo blog, family photo blog, funny photo blog and many thing else.

Fatcow Pixelpost installation


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  1. James Administrator Says:

    There are few other free photo hosting services that you can use to upload photos online, including flickr, imageshack, photobucket, tinypic, zenfolio, smugsmug and few others.

    Upload photos that met their requirements and make sure its not violating their term of use. Free photo hosting site often delete photo that they think improper or inappropriate or for any reasons. That is why we dislike free photo hosting services too, there is always control and limitation when you are using free services.

    When you need more flexibility and controls, its time to host the photos via your website…. and host as you want.

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