Earth day is coming this 26th March, and it is another green awareness day. Everyone have to take responsibility, and play their role. Have you?

From wiki site, we also learn that there are 192 millions domain names until year 2009, we belief this number has grown rapidly right now. Its 200 millions websites being hosted and running online right now, all of these sites requires web hosting services, and they are running from web servers in data centre and its all consume electricity! Data Centre also require high capacity air-conditioning facility to cool down the hot running servers. All these consume large amount of electricity. For sure, many of these websites are not hosted green and not using green renewable energy. In recent years, green energy has made popular and some top web hosts already switch over to renewable green energy to allow their hosted websites to run at 100% green.

Most of this renewable energy comes from wind power, hydro power, and solar power. From wiki site, we have learnt that wind power energy production has double in the pass three years due to increase demand. And we are seeing more web hosts are switching to wind power as their preferred community energy, free renewable energy source that is zero pollution. That’s the right thing to do, go green is everyone responsibility.

The next time you choose web hosting services for your websites, think again, are they 100% green? For those currently hosting with carbon hosting plan, do consider to switch over to green host today. is one web host that switch to green host in recent year, and now they are one popular green web hosting company. Fatcow uses wind power credit to offset their carbon release, and this makes them fully Eco-friendly.

By switching to green energy, Fatcow hosting managed to prevent the release of 2660 metric tons of carbon dioxide. Same to no driving for 6 million miles. By taking part in green web hosting services, even it’s a small decision, it does make a huge different.

Green host like Fatcow hosting does provides free migration service, transfer to their web hosting plan with ease. And get the best special discount from them when you use the Fatcow discount link from our review website. Fatcow hosting is also recommended for all webmaster that look forward to go green and turn their website to use renewable energy. We have tested Fatcow CMS hosting and blog hosting. Their server is fast and reliable, and there is nothing to hide about it, use this Fatcow review site for demo test today (we are hosting with too)

Visit for their 100% green hosting services & switch over this earth day!

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3 Responses to “Switch to Green Web Hosting to Host your CMS websites”

  1. John Admin Says:

    You can switch to fatcow green hosting and host all of your websites 100% green. Fatcow hosting is 100% green host and they uses community energy and zero carbon, and so they are the best place to host your websites.

    Either hosting blogs or cms websites, you can host all of your websites with fat cow hosting plan.

  2. Administrator Says:

    There are hundreds of millions of business websites hosted today, and most of them are not hosted green. That is one big concern for us, and we encourage business websites can switch over to green web hosting services and making sure your company & business are running green as possible.

    Be responsible to your environment & our world!

  3. James Administrator Says:

    Beside Fatcow, iPage hosting is also a recommended green web hosting company. They have great features and reasonable price.

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